Why this project?

Floods, Droughts and Water Scarcity have already affected large parts of the European Union and have an important impact on socio-economic developments. In the future, climate change is likely to change water availability and global warming will probably increase both the number and magnitude of hydrological extremes.

The European Commission’s White Paper on Adaptation (2009) recognised that adaptation is already happening in Europe, but in a piecemeal manner. The CLIMWATADAPT project, which ran from January 2010 to August 2011, addressed a number of the strategic issues and knowledge gaps identified in the White Paper. This project addressed two target groups: Policy makers on the EU-level, and water managers on the river basin level. In its whole, the project results represent a series of tools which help improve the quality of adaptation measures, the knowledge base, and facilitate the exchange of adaptation best practice between countries and regions.

The project results have been taken up in the Climate Adapt portal of the European Commission. Please find the final project results as well as interim workshop results on the menus to the left of this page.